Sunday, December 18, 2005

Taidong (Taitung), Taiwan Tai Chi Chuan with Wang2 Jin3 Shi4

For more advanced students, there is a rare opportunity to study with Master Wang2 Jin3 Shi4 in Taidong (among many other cities). Master Wang takes a 3-hour train ride from his home city of Kaohsiung to come teach in Taidong two times every month. He is the president of the Southern Taiwan (Kaohsiung) Tai Chi Chuan Association. He studied with Cheng Man-Ching, Huang2 Xing1 Xian1, and continues under Grand Master Ju:2 Hong2 Bin1. Master Wang is a highly skilled martial artist with 50 years of martial arts experience.

Picture ^^^above: Master Wang & Precious
on Jin1men2 Island, Taiwan.

Picture vvv below: Master Ju:2 Hong2 Bin1 & Precious
at the 2004 intermediate coach training course.

Master Wang comes to Taidong Monday afternoon and teaches a class from 11am - 12pm. Another class from 4:30pm - 6:00pm for one on one private sessions. Then a Monday evening class from 7:30 to 10pm which focuses on push hands practice. Tuesday morning from 6am to 8am we practice at Taidong University. Master Wang teaches the Cheng Man-Ching 37 form (left and right sides), Push Hands, Yang Style 108 long form (in the tradition of Yang Cheng Fu), Yang 54 sword form (Cheng Man-Ching tradition), Broad Sword or Sabre, and San1 Shou3 (known as Da Lu practiced in pairs).
Master Wang also teaches in Kaohsiung, Tainan, Shan Hua, Taichung, and Taipei County. In these other cities, Master Wang usually has over 40 students attend his classes. So, having the opportunity to study with him one on one is awesome! Taidong is an awesome place to live as well! Beaches, mountains, laid back, and much smaller than Taiwan's major cities. Check out my friend's blog for cool Taiwan pics and stories:
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