Friday, August 18, 2006

Taichung, Taiwan: Chen Old Style Classes

Chen2 Shi4 Old Style Tai4 Ji2 Quan2 in Taichung, Taiwan. Monday through Friday, 6:30 - 8:30 AM. Location: The corner of Ying1 Tsai3 (Cai3) Rd. and Min1 Chuan2 Rd. near the Science Museum. Thursday class Chen Style Sword is taught. Pao4 Cui3 Cannon Power Release is taught to advanced students.

Zhao1 Zhong1 Hai2 is the teacher. He has studied for decades and is passionate about sharing Tai Chi. His fighting ability is above most teachers and he shares this ability with interested students. He is an excellent teacher and expresses lessons very clearly in both word and body language. Master Zhao1 always reinforces foundational Gong Fu with challenging practices. Classes often include partner pushing hands and light sparring for advanced students. Master Zhao1 speaks English and is happy to teach diligent students. Most students offer quarterly red envelopes (Hong2 Bao1) stuffed with money as a token of appreciation (though it doesn't have to be a large sum) around major Chinese Holidays.

For more information about this class or any Internal martial arts classes in the Taichung area call David Chen (886) 919-442-436. (Picture of David and Precious)


ivan said...

This is Ivan,long time no see.
Has the wood drum arrived?

I joined martial class in Tainan last Sunday,fighting pratics(when you called me last time). It is fun and exciting,but got a little hurt while boxing.This experience let me know there is still a distance between push hand and

ivan said...

there is still a distance between push hand and martial art.