Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cheng Man-Ching "Yang" Style Schools in Taipei

These two schools specialize in keeping the martial aspects of Tai Chi alive! If in Taipei, stop in for some push hands and to get tossed around.

Shr Jung (Shi4 Zhong1) Cheng Tze Tai-Chi Chuan Study Association teaches Tai Chi as a martial art and has an avid push hands program. Some teachers speak English. Some great and famous masters teach and advise this legacy school of Cheng Man-Ching's. If you're in Taipei, definitely worth a visit and better yet, stay for years of study!

Master Jeng-Bin "Richard" Huang, who stars in 2 of the YouTube videos listed below in the "2-28 Peace Park" posts demonstrating 37 Form Applications is highly skilled and should be sought out. I have not met him, but can see by his knowledge and applications that his skill is great. Master Huang speaks English and has an English webpage for his school which is next to where the above Shr Jung School meets in Taipei. Master Huang's School:

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