Friday, January 02, 2009

Taichung, Taiwan: Open Tai Chi(QI) Push Hands Sunday Class

Every Sunday Morning (excluding rainy days) from 6:00 to 9:30 AM at or near Jung1(Zhong1) Shan1 Park (Gong1 Yuan2) there is an excellent push hands class. All styles are welcome! The folks here are very kind and good sports. I felt the principles of Tai Chi exuding from their spirits and their hands.

Some highly skilled players lead by Master Lai3 Tien1 Zao4 constantly change partners for good natured pushing. Lai3 Tien1 Zao4 over 70 years old is still a top player of the group and certainly amazes with his continued ability to throw the largest of the bunch! Tai Chi is demystified here with hours of pushing practice. Some students stay past 9:30 AM and continue to practice. Last time I attended, I pushed until noon.

Truly open to all styles, I met many Teachers who themselves teach tai chi classes weekdays at other parks around Taichung, but all come to meet for this weekly Sunday push hands meet.

P.S. Last heard, this group has changed locations and is meeting at Master Lai's Center. I'm traveling right now and don't have Master Lai's card. Will post number and address later, or call David.

Contact David Chen (886) 919-442-436 or Precious Powell (taiprecious at yahoo dot com) for more information.

(David and Precious in Taidong)

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Precious James Powell 包吉米 said...

The group has changed locations. Either to BeiTun park, or the home of Master Lai4 Tian1 Zhao4. If you can speak Chinese, call Master Lai4 (0963143067). If you want to attend but cannot speak Chinese, contact my buddy David (0919-442-436) and he'll be happy to help you find out more info.